Made this thank you card and I realized that it belongs here. I am thankful for all of you that come here to read, comment and encourage me. I appreciate each and every one of you!

I'm thinking we'll need to do some blog candy soon, perhaps after the holidays so stay tuned :)
The boys made these ornaments.
- Glass Ornaments 
- Floor Polish (liquid)
- Loose Glitter (I used martha stewart)

1. Remove the top off the ornament
2. Pour in some floor polish
3. Swoosh the ornament in all directions til its completely coated
4. Tip it upside down and let it drain.
5. Pour glitter inside of this and shake it up, twirl it around, etc to coat
6. Let Dry, Attach the top (hook) and your done!

Were feeling very xmasy in our house. We stood inline at the wallingford festival for 2 hours in the freezing 40 degree weather to meet Santa. They were great and took 5 minutes with each child to really talk to them. Great experience for the kids. However I next time will be bringing a space heater for myself :)

Even though its early, I saw a friend make a list and thought it was a good idea. I'm thankful for so many things, all year, not just at thanksgiving. Here is a short list, many more but these are the ones off the top of my head.

1. Family - I think you are only RELATIVES because of blood relation, but you are FAMILY by how you treat each other and how much you love each other.

2. Healthy children - So so grateful for this. Overall, they are healthy. We have friends who have lost a child and I think that has to be the worst thing.

3. My loving husband. I couldnt list why, it would take the rest of my life to list all the wonderful things about him

4. Creativity - I'm thankful that I am somewhat creative! Sure, there are many others who are more creative, but I enjoy what creativity I have.

5. My dog - he's a rescue and I'm so glad he became part of our family. He's a great dog and is well deserving of our loving home

So what are you thankful for?
I wanted to make some cards that are not the traditional square or circle cards. This one came out so cute! It's going to be for my husbands boss, his wife is expecting twins!

This was made with SCAL! No silly cartridges needed, the file is below. Its in two parts, the first is the bottle shaped card. The second are the "pieces" of the nipple and blue ring to paper piece it :)
Has everyone heard of this? I love it! It's like homemade Jolee's! I joined a swap at 2 peas and here are some I made for it. I think I'm going to start making my own embellishments for cards and pages :)

*On a side note I wanted to thank everyone who sent warm wishes for my son. He was throwing up today and spiked a fever of 102.. were going to see the pediatric gastroenterologist again tomorrow. Eric is in good spirits though, he's a tough 8 year old :)

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