Since I've started working this year I decided I was going to start Project Life. Not to replace my scrapbooking but as a way to supplement it and work on those extra's pictures.

However I found I like alot of cards besides just PL and couldn't find an organizer I liked. My husband sketched this out with me and built it for me! All of it has stadium seating and the sections are all change-able as the dividers can be moved.

Onto the new adventure!

Here is a great, easy tutorial on how to get that chalkboard look that is so popular right now in the crafting world.


Black Cardstock

Stamp of your choice

White Ink Pad

Embossing Ink Pad

White Embossing Powder

Heating Gun

Perfect Crafting Pouch


1. To start cut a piece of black cardstock to the size you desire.

2. Using the Perfect Crafting Pouch, rub the entire piece of cardstock with it so you won't get any stray embossing powder on your project.

3. Using the stamp and the embossing ink, ink the image onto the black cardstock.

4. Pour the white embossing powder on the image. Tap to get excess powder off.

5. Heat with a heat gun to set powder in.

6. Stamp the image in the white ink and then stamp the image again on your paper, slightly next to the embossed image (you want it to appear a little fuzzy)

7. To ink the edges use the white ink pad. This will give it that used, chalkboard type look to it!

Hello! This is an altered notebook. I bought this little book on clearance and wanted to use it for my projects but still have it small enough to throw in my purse when shopping. Because of the shiny front, getting paper and small stickers to stick to it would be hard, however it was very easy with The Best Glue Ever ! All the little papers were super easy to stick and I only needed a small amount of glue. Now I can easily see what projects I need to do and what I need to buy to complete all my projects.

This card was something I wanted to be fun, cute and easy to make as I needed to make around 12 of them to send out. The house that I diecut had many small pieces and those are hard to work with, however I had no trouble at all using The Best Glue Ever. It required just a little bit of glue and I was easily able to put all the pieces together and layer everything perfectly. When you need to produce alot of cards for a new home, a holiday or a party using this glue really makes the job easier.

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