I saw this online and loved the idea!!

This was my pegboard before. Nice idea, but I'd never use my supplies as I couldn't see what was hanging behind each item.

Then under it I had this 6 bin organizer. Again I couldn't "see" into it so I'd just keep sticking things in there and forget about them. Aren't we all guilty of that?
Here is the 4 tier shoe rack, empty. I only used 3 of the 4 racks because I really wanted space to hang longer items. I decided to try a few before I completely got it together, and the find out it didn't work.

This is my other shelf. With bins that had stickers organized by theme. I'd look in there sometimes but not often. They just sat and collected dust. ALL of this was going onto this new "clip" storage system.
Here it is! Almost filled up! The shoerack had "baskets" but they had NO bottom as shoes didnt need a bottom. I made my own bottoms. The rack is so easy, it rotates and I can see everything. I took some up close pictures so you could see how much hangs from it. The clips I used were from IKEA. They are the diginet (spelling?) clips that are made for curtains. Pretty affordable. 24 pack is only $4.99. I bought 2 packs and that isn't nearly enough but we have one IKEA in the state so I wasn't going back. For smaller items I starter using paper clips and just hanging them. Worked perfectly!!

If you have any questions let me know! I love the baskets for my larger items :) I made circles to fit inside using old cropper hopper plastic dividers and chipboard !
We all have layouts that have alot of empty space, or that are just missing "something". Here is a list that a bunch of peas compiled. Thanks to doglover for putting it together. In case you missed it I thought I'd share it here :)

Put a thin strip with words on it horizontally across the page
Add a diecut to the background,circle, 1/2 circle, bracket, 1/2 bracket, custom diecut shape (large snowflake, etc.)
Put a little embellishment on journaling tag
Add round metal tag
Draw a line around the edge of the whole page
Make a rosette from patterned paper
Ribbon tab
Put a word strip on a photo
Ink edges
Ribbon across whole page
Ribbon tied around photo
Ribbon around journaling block or envelope
Put a line of three or more dots and add an embellishment at the end
Paper piecing
Pierce holes with paper piercer
Cut a photo into a shape
Add wavy border strip
Use coredinations cardstock and sand
Put multiple pictures in shape
Wrinkle the paper
Put a tab over the edge of the page
Add a timeline
Add quote
Add plastic pocket
Journal in a spiral or wavy line
Add stitching
Strips with words on them
Curl or distress the edge of paper
Tear paper
Emboss paper or diecut
File tabs
Use a scalloped edge
Use pinking shear edge
Add journaling block
Use a word in a circle as an embellishment
Put a design in a circle
Photo corners
Use puff paint to make flourishes or other designs
Date stamp
Round corners
Draw a line around the outside of a photo
Use a diecut that is a shape, but has the middle cut out so the background paper shows through
Put a frame around a diecut
Monogram letter
Put extra photos in a clear pocket
Use large chipboard numbers for the date
Journal around a photo
Stamp on a photo
Put a looseleaf page edge on a piece of paper
Use a scallop mat for the entire page
Put a thin cardstock border around the whole page
Stitch around the whole page
Cut an embellishment from a patterned paper design
Use versamark
Heat emboss
Put strips of paper behind a photo
Pleat a strip of cardstock
Use an arrow to point to something
Make a numbered list
Make a border from repeated diecut shapes (hearts, snowflakes, flowers, etc.)
Reverse diecut
Put numbers on photos
Rubber stamping
Make a fringe
Paper clips
Fold-out book on page
Photo collage
Zig-zag or straight stitching
Stamp lines for journaling
Put colored areas behind, or outline, some words in journaling
Add brochures or map from place
Have a half bracket or circle peek out from behind a photo or journaling
Cut something out of pattern paper and use it as an embellishment

Also punches, i.e. gather/overlap/layer/"bunch up" a lot of puched out leaves for a nice look. Fern leaves can be either layered or strung out in a line. They can face toward or away from each other and look nice both ways, especially when the curve is draped over a corner. Add glitter to the leaves (Can you tell I use leaves often?)

Border punches: Punch out the entire sheet, or just the mat around a photo, even if only one side of the mat. Then there's that type of MS punch that punches out both sides, creating a lovely strip that can be used as a border.

Instead of only brads in the center of flowers, fill those centers with either buttons or rhinestones.

- add a banner (bunting, as shimelle calls it) - the latest and greatest sb'ing trend
- add a cool tag from clothing or a tea bag or etc.
- use real/every day ephemera (ticket stubs, brochures, maps, pressed pennies, etc).

add crepe paper (streamers)
stamp a pattern over the top of silk flowers (before adhering to the page)
machine stitch lace to the layout
add rub-ons
stamp your own personalized phrase on a piece of "twill" ribbon

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