As most moms know the most famous question (that's asked daily) is "What's for dinner?". My kids ask this the minute they get off the school bus. So I made us a menu board, each sunday I will put the cards on this so they know what's for dinner. It also helps with my shopping!

Magnets - $1.49
Cookie Sheet - $1
Paper I had on hand - $0
Wood Box - .25

Not bad for a project under $3!

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Hello :) I'm Danielle, in my 30's and truly enjoy a crafty life. When I have free time I love to create with paper, vinyl, wood, paint - really anything I can get my hands on. I've been crafting since I was 5 (all thanks to my fabulous mom!), when I joined a weekly girls craft club in town. Wow, did that ever change my life! The wheels of creativity are always going. I see things for what they can be, instead of what they are now. My blog is my creative playground, the place I go to let my imagination run.
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