It's friday!!! TGIF :) Day 5 is here! I hope you've had a chance to follow along all week and make some cards. I would love to see them, please send a link to me if you made some so I can take a peek!

- I apologize I didn't measure these papers before I glued them on. Sometimes I get so into my card making, my hands take over!

Step 1 is to glue your first pattern paper down. Glue this all the way to the left side (where the fold is)

The next pattern is a full one. Once you have a rectangle cut, round two corners then glue this piece all the way to the right (where the card opens) in the middle of the orange piece.

On the small green piece, before it's glued on take a white gel pen and do a double line of stitching on the top and bottom. You can also do real stitching, I just am not that talented!

Once the white gel pen is dry (this takes a few minutes, careful, if its wet it WILL smudge), glue the green piece down right down the center of the card.

Last is to put your 3D embellishment down onto the green piece. I used this vampire guy. Again, you can use any sentiment you'd like, but I left  mine blank until I know who the recipient will be.

Did you enjoy this week? I hope so! I'm thinking of doing another tutorial week in the fall for christmas cards. I can't wait to see the cards you've made!
Today is thursday, were almost to the end of the week. The card today is super easy, there are only a few steps.

Simple supplies today
- Star Paper 3 X 2 1/2
- Green 3 1/4 X 2 1/4
- Black 2 X 2 1/2
- White 1 3/4 X 2 1/4

Each patterned piece is going to be layered and adhered. Round all the top corners of each piece. Once layered, add the ribbon to the bottoms, where the layers meet.

If you'd like a title to the card add that. I used Thickers to add "hi". Put your 3D embonlishment on, I choose this little frankenstein. He's silly and perfect for a kids card.

That was effortless right? Good! See you tomorrow :)
Thank you for coming back for day 3! I hope you liked the first two cards and are looking forward to making another.

I did decide to add one more thing to the card that isn't in the picture - buttons!
- Black Piece 3 X 2 1/2
- Orange 3 1/2 X 3
- Green 1/2 X 4 (two pieces)

Step 1 - Using a corner rounder (I use a corner chomper) round the top two corners of the orange plaid paper. Adhere to card. Then adhere the black plaid right underneath it. Both pieces are straight, just the picture makes them look a bit off ;)

Second, glue on the two green strips. Leave a small space inbetween them so the orange shows thru.

Last step is to thread the buttons (if you choose to) and glue those on. Add your 3d Embellishment, I chose the glittery cat. Final touch is faux stitching with a white gel pen around the orange piece only. If you would like you can stamp (or print) a sentiment. I stamped Trick or Treat and glued that to the black strip.

There we go! Another cute, fast, easy card. Hope to see you on Card # 4!
Happy Tuesday! I'm so glad you decided to come back for another simple tutorial! Were using up those scraps and making some great halloween cards at the same time!

For day 2 I decided to do a little more "full" card. You can always leave out a few embellishments if you prefer the clean look.

Supplies spread out when I began:
Very few things right?! I love how cards can use up your extra's that you'd just toss or hoard.
Again, the dimensions work for my card but you can easily adjust them for any size card.
- Orange Paper is 3X4
- Purple is 2 X 1 1/2
- The white piece is a journal box that I trimmed down.

The first step has a few "mini steps" inside. I'll post the picture then explain :)
I adhered the orange pattern to the entire card, centering it so a small amount of white showed on each side. Then on the journal box I put all 3 brads on (using my cropadile) and adhered the blue glitter letters to spell "Hi". I wanted a generic, seasonal card this time.

Next adhere the purple piece (I used a swiss dot pattern) right above the journal box. I made the width match so it would line up nicely.

The final result! The last step is to add your embellishment, I chose the little zombie girl. I thought she was cute rather then scary.
Yeah it's monday!! I know, you don't hear that often huh? Well I love mondays :) Here is our first tutorial for our Make A Card Week (MACW). Any questions let me know, I'll do my best to answer.

Here are the supplies I used. Including a plain white, pre-folded card.
Once those are gathered I cut the pieces into the following sizes. Feel free to adjust depending on the overall size of the card you want to make.
- Scallop Circle 1 1/2 inches
- Circle 1 inch (punch)
- Stripe Paper 3 1/2 X 2 Inches

Step 1: Emboss the white card if desired. I like the look of this! Then adhere the striped pattern piece over the bottom 1/2 of the card.

Step 2: Adhere ribbon over the seam where the striped paper meets the white card. Let Dry well.

Last Step - Glue White circle to scallop circle. Adhere 3D embellishment in the middle. I used the cute purple owl here. Then adhere entire circle to the card, leaving a small part of it hanging off the edge.

You can then add a stamp for a sentiment if you'd like. Since I'm not sure who I'm sending this to I didnt add one yet :)

Pretty Easy huh? Hope you enjoyed this and will come back tomorrow for Card #2!

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